Customer Testimonials

As a long-standing analytical chemist in pharmaceutical research with a focus on vibrational spectroscopy,

I recognized the potential impact VCD could have on many aspects of big pharma. With the ChiralIR I have successfully assigned the configurations of more than 600 exploratory drug molecules, providing an international service to research facilities in Europe and the United States. I consider this instrument to be world-class and a bargain for the price given its state-of-the art technology and incredible level of reliability.

Mr. Douglas James Minick

Senior Research Investigator

Thanks to VCD, predictions about the importance of ‘chirotopicity’ made 50 years ago resulted in our being able to establish the absolute configuration of chiral carbon materials void of CIP-based stereogenic elements.

Prof. Jay Siegel

Over the last several years, the Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD) technique has dramatically revitalized the utility and visibility of vibrational spectroscopy within pharmaceutical drug discovery. The ability of VCD to deliver absolute chiral assignments without the need for standards or crystallizations, renders the technology a vital complement to traditional pharmaceutical analytical technologies.

Dr. Don Pivonka

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