FT-IR Protein Analyzer

BioTools was the first company to introduce a dedicated & integrated FT-IR based solution for then emerging biopharmaceutical industry. The PROTA family of instruments and related accessories and software has been used for formulation and characterization of over 50 commercial antibodies and peptides based drugs plus many more in R&D.

Instrument Features

  • Incredibly fast Measurements
  • Low Concentration, No Limit on High Concentration
  • PROTA-3S™ GMP compliant software
  • Arid-Zone sample compartment with counter-current purge flow in telescopic
  • Non-hygroscopic ZnSe beamsplitter
  • High-sensitivity MCT detector / DTGS optional

Resolution 1 – 64 cm-1
Spectra range: 5,500 – 805 cm-1
Spectra range: 8,500 – 485 cm-1 (with DTGS detector)

  • Frequency accuracy: (@ 1918 cm-1): < 0.06 cm-1


  • Comparability Studies (batch-to-batch; biosimilars vs. innovator)
  • Formulation studies (liquids and solids), effects of excipients, pH and buffers
  • Structure in aggregates
  • Determination of secondary structure
  • Crystallization condition screening
  • Methionine Oxidation
  • ..and many more
  • Protein-protein, protein-DNA/RNA and protein-drug interactions
  • Drug delivery
  • Stability studies (thermal and chemical)
  • Stress Tests and QC
  • Mutation studies
  • Presence of Si Oil

PROTA-3S™ accessories and optional add-on software


The CaF2 cell to be used with aqueous solvents.


Temperature controller unit is designed for use in FT-IR spectrometers.


BioCell holder jacket with flow adapters for temperature controlled studies


The new standard for structure analysis.

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