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BioCell™ Short-pathlength cell for FT-IR and VCD/CD. Universally compatible with every FT-IR spectrometer. (available in July)

BioJack-T™ w/ AccuTune™ BioCell holder jacket with flow adapters for temperature controlled studies. AccuTune provides precision tightening. (available now)

TempCon-2X™ Pelltier based temperature controller Designed for use in FT-IR spec­trometers with large circular BioCell™ windows. The controller can be controlled either manually or through computer interface. (available end of July – early August)

µ-Rim™ The µ-RIM slide is a stainless steel substrate for Raman and Reflectance IR Spectroscopy. The highly reflective surface has no detectable Raman or IR background signal. This substrate is ideal for measuring small quantities of material, especially from dilute solutions in polar solvents (such as water). (Also known as Drop Coat Deposition Raman (DCDR) slides.). (available now))

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