VCD Spectroscopy: Hands-On Computational Training, Tips & Tricks, and Q&As

Schrödinger, in collaboration with BioTools, invites you to discover the power of vibrational circular dichroism (VCD), a revolutionary alternative to X-ray crystallography for determining the absolute configuration (AC) of chiral molecules. With over 10,000 molecules now characterized with VCD, this technique has become critical in drug discovery and other industrial processes. The process involves comparing an experimental VCD spectrum (acquired with BioTools’ instrumentation) to a calculated theoretical spectrum (determined with Schrödinger software).

In many cases the theoretical prediction of VCD spectra is straightforward, but experience with both common and unusual cases can help the user avoid pitfalls and improve predictive efficiency.

Schrödinger and BioTools invite you to a hands-on workshop in which we will teach the use of our software for prediction of VCD spectra and their alignment with experiment. You do not need to be a current Schrödinger software user to participate in the workshop.

This in-person event will be held at the Schrödinger office in Cambridge, MA on March 22nd from 3:30-5:00 PM. Coffee and light snacks will be provided! Schrödinger and BioTools experts will be present to answer questions about the calculations and experimental measurements.

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Schrödinger Education and BioTools

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Workshop Details

  • In-person training at the Schrödinger office in Cambridge, MA
  • Gain hands-on experience in Schrödinger’s Maestro interface for predicting VCD spectra
  • Learn best practices from Schrödinger and BioTools experts
  • Q&A and discussion
  • Coffee and light snacks


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