Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD) Spectrometer

BioTools was the first company to introduce a dedicated commercial instrument for the measurement of Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD). Since its introduction, the ChiralIR-2X™ has become the #1 selling VCD instrument, and the choice of pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies. In the second generation of this ‘product that took the field by storm’, we have introduced all digital processing, eliminated bulky electronics and made an upgrade to revolutionary DualPEM™ set-up a plug-and-play.

Instrument Features

  • all digital processing
  • Dual Source increases signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) of ~ 3.6 times over any single-source system
  • simultaneous collection of IR and VCD spectra
  • large detector dewar for 30-48-hour continuous measurements
  • Optional DualPEM™  integration for improved stability and suppression of artifacts


  • Characterization of fibrils
  • Characterization of all types of chiral molecules
  • Determination of absolute configuration without crystallization
  • Direct measurement of enantiomeric excess without enantiomeric separation

Complete spectral range of measurements 4000-850 cm1 (no change of filters required)

As a long-standing analytical chemist in pharmaceutical research with a focus on vibrational spectroscopy, I recognized the potential impact VCD could have on many aspects of big pharma. With the ChiralIR-2X™ I have successfully assigned the configurations of more than 600 exploratory drug molecules, providing an international service to research facilities in Europe and the United States. I consider this instrument to be world-class and a bargain for the price given its state-of-the art technology and incredible level of reliability.

-Mr. Douglas James Minick

Senior Research Investigator



Accessories and Software to be used alongside ChiralIR-2X™


The CaF2 cell to be used with organic solvents.


The CaF2 cell to be used with aqueous solvents.


Temperature controller unit is designed for use in FT-IR spectrometers.


The rotating stage for elimination of cell artifacts.



All-in-one package for the calculation of VCD and ROA spectra.


Computational Software for comparison of experimental and theoretical data.


Software for the VCD spectrometer


Software tool for extracting energies from Gaussian Log files

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